Our Team

Our Team

Jonathan Bowers


Askin Aziz

Acer Tree Credit Opportunities Fund, Portfolio Manager

Philip Grose

CLO Platform, Portfolio Manager

Sven Olson

Co-Head of Research

Sasha Vlahcevic

Co-Head of Research

Andrea Marangoni

Business Development

Nicolas Bury

Portfolio Manager

Robert Galione

Chief Operating Officer

Julia Agafonova

Head of Operations

Dan Grillo

Research Analyst

Sophie McGovern

Executive Assistant

Wei Ka Tan

Research Analyst

Our Values


Our aspiration is to be the best at what we do. Our focus is on setting goals and delivering outperformance.


‘Our reliability and reputation as a firm, and as individuals, is of the greatest importance. This is accomplished by treating counterparties with respect and building trust by ‘doing what we say we are going to do’. Jonathan Bowers - CIO


Our experience tells us that collaboration between people leads to better results. As such, internally and externally, we proactively seek engagement to leverage our strengths, resources, and professional networks to expand our knowledge base and achieve the best possible result.

Alignment of interests

Our ability to focus on delivering returns is enhanced by our investment alignment and our Partners collective ownership stake in the business. We only succeed when our investors succeed.


Our emphasis is always on the best outcomes for our investors and we believe that this is achieved by following our investment process, expanding our knowledge base and building our intellectual capital.

Risk Management

Our experience tells us that risks and cycles constantly evolve, appear and change. We constantly monitor our investment risk and continually discuss through our iterative process.