Our Strategies

Our Strategies

We believe that Acer Tree’s access to public and private credit markets enables us to create a wider opportunity set for our investors.  We currently manage the Acer Tree Credit Opportunities Fund and the Logic Lane CLO 1.

Credit Opportunities

Long / short credit strategy focusing on European liquid Investment Grade, High Yield, Leverage Loans, Special Situations and related derivatives

We combine fundamental analysis with technical and trading strategies

  • Stressed
  • Event-driven
  • Relative value
  • Capital structure arbitrage

Acer Tree CLO Platform

CLO manager focusing on detailed credit analysis incorporating quantitative and qualitative factors:

  • Fundamental selection based on asset coverage and cash flow ratios;
  • Return of capital and building value over the medium and long- term;
  • Sell discipline when analysis indicates significant short fall in cash flow or impairment

Our Investment Philosophy

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Research-led Approach

Focus on companies with solid asset coverage and cash-flow Sector and market expertise identifies RV opportunities Sell discipline when fundamental analysis indicates significant short fall in cash flow or impairment

Capital Preservation

Detailed capital structure and documentation analysis Bottom-up credit analysis incorporating jurisdictional and qualitative factors Return of capital (building par) important over the medium and long term


Engage and work with business owners and management teams Strong sell-side/buy-side contacts and dialogue Dynamic team culture


ESG Policy, UN PRI Signatory and Implementing SFDR disclosure on CLOs Exclusion list for CLO, consideration in every investment